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Loyal aims to deliver value to customers with 18 years of experience in the food machine industry, offering solutions from raw material processing to product packaging. With a global presence in 50+ countries, Loyal prioritizes quality control, technology innovation, and excellent customer service. Specializing in food extruders, industrial microwave systems, and more.

Food manufacturing process blog written by a dedicated and passionate writer who delves deep into the intricacies of the industry, sharing insights, trends, and valuable information for readers interested in the field.

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Pet Food Production Line

Top Pet Food Production Line Supplier in China

Loyal leads the Pet Food Production Line Supply in China, offering innovative solutions for manufacturing pet food. We cater to pet food producers’ needs by providing advanced technology and reliable services.

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    Introducing Pet Food Production Line from Loyal

  • The production line efficiently mass produces instant noodles through integrated components such as mixers, measures, noodle formers, steamers, cutters, fryers and conveyors.
  • It is capable of producing both fried and non-fried noodle varieties through customized processes and ingredients suited for each type.
  • Advanced technology and expert design allow for high-quality noodle production in large volumes, replacing manual labor with increased efficiency.
Introducing Pet Food Production Line from Loyal

Pet Food Production Line for sale

Pet Food Production Line available for purchase! Explore our top-of-the-line equipment designed for efficient and high-quality pet food manufacturing. Streamline your production process with our advanced machinery, ensuring top-notch nutrition for pets worldwide. Contact us today for more information on this excellent opportunity! 🐾🐶🐱

Double Screw Extruder Dog Treat Making Machine Animal Pet Food Production Line
Shandong, China
Leading pet treat machine manufacturer in China offers high-quality and affordable pet dog treat feed processing lines, featuring automatic operation and diverse product shapes. The machines use a variety of raw materials to produce dog treats and pet food, catering to engineering projects with great prices.
Extruder Process Running Fast
Ingredient Flexibility
Different Textures And Colors
High Speed Dog Food Production Line & wet pet food production line
Shandong, China
Leading manufacturer in China of full automatic dog food production lines. Offers high-quality dog food extruder machines at competitive prices. Utilizes various raw materials to produce pet food for dogs, cats, and fish feed. Features include automation, durability, and high production efficiency.
PFE-65-1 80kw 56kw 120--150kg/h 22500x1200x2200mm
PFE-70-1 128kw 90kw 200-250kg/h 25000x1500x2200mm
PFE-85-1 175kw 123kw 300-600kg/h 30000x3500x4300mm
Industrial 120-800kg/h cat food production line Customized 380V/50HZ
Shandong, China
Leading manufacturer of professional cat food production lines, Loyal offers industrial pet food making machines with efficient manufacturing processes. Using rice flour, corn flour, wheat flour, soya meal, and fish powder as raw materials, the pet food processing line creates a variety of colorful, natural, and high-quality pet food products in different shapes and tastes. Customized for 120-800kg/h production, this industrial pet food production line ensures top quality, durability, ease of maintenance, and high production efficiency. Ideal for diverse raw materials and appealing textures.
Material Stainless Steel 304
Certification CE BV ISO 9001
Fully Automatic
Low Electricity Fish Meal Fish Feed Production Line Cat Fish Feed Pellet Machine
Shandong, China
Leading supplier of professional Fish Feed Production Lines with top-quality floating fish feed pellet machines. Our machines offer efficient production processes at competitive prices. Utilize various raw materials to create high-quality Fish Feed Food for sales, catering to a range of aquatic species. 🐟🦐🦞 #FishFeedProduction #HighQuality
Certification CE BV ISO 9001
Voltage 415v/440v/220v/380v/50Hz
Material Stainless Steel 304
Manufacturers in the pet food industry must integrate advanced technologies and practices to stay competitive. This article highlights key aspects of a successful production line, including ingredient sourcing, quality control, and machinery use. Understanding these elements helps optimize operations, meet standards, and meet pet owners' demands.

Pet Food Production Line Components

ComponentFunctionKey Parameters
Mixing MachineBlends raw materials to create a uniform mixture.- Capacity: Several hundred kg to several tons/hour - Material: Stainless steel - Mixing Time: Adjustable
Pet Food ExtruderShapes and cooks the ingredients under high pressure and temperature.- Temperature: 100°C to 160°C - Pressure: High - Capacity: Up to several tons/hour
Air Cooler MachineCools the pet food post-extrusion to enhance structural integrity and preserve nutritional value.- Cooling Time: Adjustable - Temperature Reduction: To ambient - Air Flow: Customizable
Drying MachineRemoves excess moisture to prevent spoilage and extend shelf life.- Temperature Range: Effective for moisture reduction - Capacity: Large quantities - Drying Time: Adjustable
Seasoning LineAdds flavors and coatings to enhance palatability.- Coating Options: Wide range - Application Method: Spray or tumble - Capacity: Matches production output

Technical parameters of Pet Food Production Line

Model Of Pet Food Making MachineInstalled PowerPower ConsumptionOutputSize (LWH)

pet food production line price

Dog Treat Machine ModelInstalled PowerPower ConsumptionOutputSizePrice($)
DTM65-100 Single Color37.7kw20kw80-100kg/h1200012002500mm18,500USD-22,500USD
DTM65-100 Double Color71.7kw35kw80-120kg/h1300040002500mm22,000USD-30,000USD
DTM75-III79Kw59Kw200-300kg/h27500X3000X2700mm32,000USD -40,000USD
This article delves into the intricate process of pet food manufacturing, shedding light on the scientific principles, regulatory standards, and technological advancements that shape the industry. Readers gain insights into quality control measures, nutritional strategies, and processing methods, empowering pet owners to make informed decisions about their pets' nutrition.
Loyal factory -2
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    Why choose Loyal's Pet Food Production Line?

    Free consultation offered before, during, and after sales

• Project planning and design services provided at no cost

• Equipment debugging services available for free until functionality is achieved

• Management of long distance shipping of equipment included for free

• Training for equipment maintenance and operation provided for free in person

• New production techniques and formulas shared for free

• 1 year complete warranty and lifetime maintenance service offered

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2. For tailored services, please outline your specific requirements.

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4. Reach out to our pre-sales engineers for debugging videos and technical assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Pet Food Production Line

Q: What are the key components of a successful pet food production line?

A: The key components of a successful pet food production line include food extruders, pet food processing machines that meets specific requirements, drying and cooling systems, packaging equipment, and food manufacturing equipment. A complete pet food production line integrates these components seamlessly to produce pet food effectively and efficiently.

Q: How does a food extruder work in producing dry pet food?

A: A food extruder works by forcing pet dog food ingredients through a barrel using a screw extruder. The ingredients are cooked under high temperature and pressure as they move towards the die at the end of the barrel. Once forced through the die, the shape of the dry pet food is formed. The extrusion process aids in the sterilization of the product and ensures a homogenous mix of the ingredients, key for producing high-quality pet food.

Q: What benefits does an automatic dog food production line offer?

A: An automatic dog food production line offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency and productivity, reduced labor costs, and enhanced precision in feed processing. Automation also allows for consistent quality control throughout the food making process, ensuring that the final pet dog food meets the requisite standards for nutrition and safety.

Q: Can special ingredients be added to pet dog food during the production process?

A: Yes, special ingredients can be added to pet dog food during the production process to meet the nutritional requirements of different breeds or to address specific health concerns. This is often achieved through the use of a co-extrusion process where ingredients can be injected or layered into the pet food pellet or by blending special additives with the primary ingredients before extrusion.

Q: What types of pet food can be produced on a pet food processing line?

A: A versatile pet food processing line can produce a wide selection of pet food, including dry kibble (dry pet food), soft-moist food, and treats for both cats and dog food. The specific types of pet food produced can vary depending on the capabilities of the food extruder and the food manufacturing equipment available in the production line for your pet.

Q: How do manufacturers ensure the safety and quality of the pet food produced?

A: Manufacturers ensure the safety and quality of pet food by adhering to strict standards and regulations set by pet food safety organizations. This includes rigorous testing of raw materials, continuous monitoring of the feed processing and production process, implementing good manufacturing practices (GMPs), and performing final product testing. Additionally, many use advanced food manufacturing plant technologies to detect and eliminate any contaminants.

Q: What is the role of pellet size and shape in dog food pellet production?

A: The size and shape of a dog food pellet play a crucial role in the palatability and digestibility of the food for pets. Different sizes and shapes can be achieved using specific dies in the food extruder, which can help cater to the eating habits and preferences of various breeds and sizes of dogs. Proper pellet size and shape can also contribute to better oral health by promoting chewing and reducing tartar buildup.

Q: How can one start a pet food production line?

A: To start a pet food production line, potential manufacturers should conduct market research to identify the types of pet food in demand. Next, developing a detailed business plan that covers the operational, financial, and marketing aspects of the business is crucial. Securing appropriate food manufacturing equipment, like food extruders and pet food processing machines, and ensuring compliance with local and international safety standards is also essential. Finally, building relationships with suppliers and distributors can help streamline the production process and distribution network.

Q: Are there options to customize a pet food processing line?

A: Yes, most suppliers and manufacturers of pet food manufacturing equipment offer customization options for pet food processing lines. This can include the capacity of the line, types of pet food to be produced, automation level, and specific components like the screw extruder or drying systems. Such customization ensures that the machine production line meets the unique requirements and production goals of the pet food producer.

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