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Loyal aims to deliver value to customers with 18 years of experience in the food machine industry, offering solutions from raw material processing to product packaging. With a global presence in 50+ countries, Loyal prioritizes quality control, technology innovation, and excellent customer service. Specializing in food extruders, industrial microwave systems, and more.

Food manufacturing process blog written by a dedicated and passionate writer who delves deep into the intricacies of the industry, sharing insights, trends, and valuable information for readers interested in the field.

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Contact Loyal for top-quality Biscuit Production Line and Microwave Drying Machine solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Enhance your production efficiency and quality with our innovative equipment. Reach out today to learn more and request a Free Sample!

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Industrial Microwave Oven

Top Supplier of Industrial Microwave Ovens in China

Loyal is China’s leading supplier of industrial microwave ovens, offering high-quality, innovative products trusted nationwide for their efficiency and durability. Elevate your operations with cutting-edge microwave solutions from Loyal! 

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    Introducing Industrial Microwave Oven from Loyal

    Customers can enjoy cutting-edge microwave heating technology benefits and rely on them for all industrial microwave needs in food processing.

  • It introduces the Loyal/Industrial Microwave Oven for efficient and advanced microwave heating in food processing.
  • The experienced engineering team has over a decade of industrial microwave expertise and developed the equipment to meet specific needs.
  • The ovens offer numerous microwave heating technology patents and process documents to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • They can upgrade food processing without high costs.
  • The industrial ovens are designed for drying, baking, sterilization and extend food shelf life while maintaining original flavor and nutrients.
  • They also preserve raw material properties, enhance healthy foods, and increase agricultural product value.
Industrial Microwave Oven
Industrial Microwave Oven

Industrial Microwave Oven for sale

Industrial microwave ovens are available for sale now. They are perfect for fast and efficient heating, cooking, and processing in industrial settings. Upgrade your kitchen with this versatile appliance designed to meet your commercial needs.

Spaghetti Yellowtail Blackfly Drying Oven
Shandong, China
The Loyal/Spaghetti Yellowtail Blackfly Drying Oven is a top-notch solution for efficiently drying spaghetti, yellowtail, and blackfly. With advanced technology and user-friendly features, this oven ensures professional results for commercial or personal use.
Drying of yellow mealworms
Drying of black gadfly
Cat Litter Microwave Drying Oven
Shandong, China
Introducing our innovative Loyal/Cat Litter Microwave Drying Oven! Utilizing advanced microwave tech, it quickly dries cat litter, keeping your home fresh. Efficient, safe, and convenient - a must-have for cat owners!
Cat litter drying
Microwave drying oven for pet food
Shandong, China
The Loyal Microwave Drying Oven quickly dries pet food using microwave tech. Precise temp control maintains nutrition. Easy-to-use for healthy pet meals. Ideal for drying fresh ingredients or store-bought food. Trust its reliable performance!
pet food
dog feed
Microwave drying oven for mosquito incense
Shandong, China
The Loyal/Microwave drying oven is a cutting-edge tool designed for efficient production of mosquito incense. It utilizes microwave technology for quick and precise drying, ensuring high-quality results. Equipped with advanced sensors, controls, and a user-friendly interface, it's suitable for various production scales. Invest in this must-have machine for top-quality mosquito incense production.
Mosquito coil drying
Sago microwave drying oven
Shandong, China
Discover the efficient Loyal/Sago microwave drying oven! Designed for precision drying in industries like pharmaceuticals and food processing. High-frequency technology for rapid heating without compromising quality. Compact, user-friendly, and versatile for various applications. Experience top-notch performance and customizable features. Upgrade your production process with our modern microwave solution today!
Sago microwave drying
The Loyal/Lunchbox microwave rewarming system is a revolutionary solution for quickly and efficiently warming up food on the go. This innovative product is perfect for busy professionals, students, and anyone looking to enjoy a hot meal without the hassle of traditional microwaves or stovetops. With its compact size and lightweight design, the Lunchbox microwave rewarming system can easily fit in your bag or backpack, making it ideal for lunch breaks at the office, while traveling, or on a busy day out. Simply plug it into any standard microwave oven and within minutes, your food will be heated to perfection. The Lunchbox microwave rewarming system utilizes advanced technology to evenly distribute heat and prevent food from becoming soggy or overcooked. It is also equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off and heat-resistant materials for worry-free use. Say goodbye to cold lunches and hello to hot meals with the Loyal/Lunchbox microwave rewarming system. Upgrade your on-the-go dining experience today!
Shandong, China
Discover the Loyal/Lunchbox microwave rewarming system - a game-changer for heating food swiftly on the move. Compact and lightweight, it's perfect for professionals, students, and anyone craving a hot meal without the fuss. Effortlessly heat your food to perfection in minutes with its innovative tech, ensuring even heating without sogginess. Upgrade your dining experience now!
Lunchbox microwave

Industrial Processes for Industrial Microwave Oven

Technical parameters of Industrial Microwave Oven

FeaturesMicrowave Heating EquipmentIndustrial Stainless Steel Microwave Equipment
Rated Input Apparent PowerCustomizationCustomization
Height Of Conveyor600-1000mm600-1000mm
Inlet And Outlet Height40-100mm40-100mm
Width Of Conveyor Belt750±100mm(Custom-Made)1000±100mm(Custom-Made)
Microwave Leakage StandardISO≤5mw/Cm²ISO≤5mw/Cm²
Operating Frequency2450±50hmz2450±50hmz
Transmission Speed0~10m/Min(Adjustable Frequency)0~10m/Min(Adjustable Frequency)
Industrial Size Microwave WattageThree-Phase Five-Wire 380V±5% 50Hz±1%Frequency (Three-Phase Five-Wire System, The Zero Line Must Be As Large As The Phase Line)
Number Of Microwave Heating Boxes8 Groups23001200520(Mm)
Microwave Feed-In MethodTop Broadband Feed-
Microwave Suppressor Opening Height50mm-
Suppressor Length1200mm-
Drive Cooling MethodWater-Cooled, [High-End Special-Made]Can Work Continuously For A Long Time
Magnetron Cooling MethodWater Cooling Can Work Continuously For 24 Hours-
Inlet Water Temperature≤ 30℃-
Outlet Temperature≤ 55℃-
Temperature Measurement Range And Accuracy0-300℃ Controllable And AdjustableNon-Contact Far Infrared
Way To ControlIntelligent PLC Control, Full Intelligent Mode [One Key].-
Equipment Microwave Leakage StandardMeet The National Standard <5mw/Cm²-
Equipment Electrical Safety StandardsGB 5226.1-2008 Electrical Safety Of Machinery Electrical Equipment Of Machinery Part 1: General Technical Requirements-

Electrical Components of Microwave Heating Equipment

Outer Main Frame PartThickened (50100 carbon steel square tube) or 5050 stainless steel square tube. Quick connection device at the base frame.
Microwave Heating System8 sets of automotive microwave heating box, made of 1.5mm stainless steel plate. Cabinet has observation and cleaning port. Cabinet frame is made with 1.5mm thick stainless steel pipe.
Microwave Source SystemUses Japanese Toshiba water-cooled magnetron. Top broadband phase feed and generator cooling tube connected with copper pad. Separate power supply bracket for microwave oil-immersed power switch. Air-cooled cooling method. Equipped with a high-power centrifugal fan.
Microwave Suppression SystemFeed end and discharge end are equipped with a microwave suppressor (1200mm length, 50mm height opening) to prevent microwave leakage.
Transmission SystemOutput power: 2.2KW, speed adjustable. Uses thick, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant PTFE conveyor belt (about 1000mm width). Equipped with a lack of material alarm system.
Cooling And Dehumidification SystemMoisture exhaust port on top of the heating box. Two 1.5KW environmentally friendly low-noise centrifugal fans connected to the power supply frame.
Control And Detection SystemIntelligent PLC one-key control mode. Central control system: PLC control, touch screen operation; all controlled by Xinje series programmable controller. Each group of magnetron circuits work independently.

Welcome to Our Industrial Microwave Oven Factory!

Commercial microwave ovens are expanding beyond restaurants and stores into industrial settings due to technology advancements. This article explores their untapped potential, efficiency, and diverse applications in industrial processes like drying and heating.
Loyal factory -2
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    Why choose Loyal's Industrial Microwave Oven?

  • Ensures even, thorough cooking through precise power and rapid heating. Minimizes risk of undercooked food.
  • Provides more power than residential models, allowing for high-volume, quick cooking needs.
  • Generates high power densities, enabling faster production and lower costs. More compact design saves space.
  • Versatile applications beyond reheating, such as in wool drying across various industries.
  • Allows faster heating rates than traditional methods, potentially improving product quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Industrial Microwave Oven

Q: What are the key benefits of using a heavy duty commercial microwave oven in a restaurant setting?

A: The key benefits of using a heavy duty commercial microwave oven in a restaurant include faster cook times, uniform heating, and the ability to handle a high volume of food with consistency. These microwaves are designed to meet the extensive industrial needs of a busy kitchen, offering durability and efficiency. Brands like Amana are global leaders in high-power microwave ovens, providing the best equipment tailored to commercial-scale operations.

Q: How can microwave with push button technology enhance the efficiency in industrial kitchens or food processing plants?

A: Microwave ovens with push button technology offer ease of use, which is crucial in fast-paced industrial settings. This feature ensures precise control over cook times and power levels, making it easier to achieve consistent results, especially in applications like tempering or pasteurizing. With push button controls, staff can quickly select the right settings, enhancing overall productivity and ensuring the quality of the processed items.

Q: Can heavy duty microwaves be used for drying systems in biomaterial or lab environments?

A: Yes, heavy duty microwaves are highly effective for drying systems in both biomaterial and lab environments. These microwaves provide rapid drying capabilities, which can be crucial for materials requiring care to preserve integrity. The right type of microwave with specific system technology, such as single mode or IMS (Integrated Microwave Systems), can offer precise and uniform drying for a multitude of materials, from granular to pumpable fluids.

Q: What is the importance of IMS technology in commercial microwave ovens for industrial applications?

A: IMS technology, or Integrated Microwave Systems, plays a crucial role in commercial microwave ovens by providing a more uniform and efficient heating process. This is particularly important in industrial applications where consistency and speed are critical. IMS technology can help in improving the quality of end products by ensuring even heating and reducing hotspots, which is especially beneficial in processes like pasteurizing and tempering of food or biomaterials.

Q: How do I choose the right commercial microwave oven for my shop or restaurant?

A: Choosing the right commercial microwave oven involves considering factors like capacity, power, and specific features that cater to your culinary needs. For high-volume restaurants or shops, a heavy duty or industrial-grade microwave with a higher wattage (e.g., 1000 watts or above) and advanced technology like convection or fluid circulator systems might be ideal. It’s important to consider the type of food you’ll be cooking, the volume of food, and desired cook times. Consulting with suppliers like Mega Industries, which offers a comprehensive line of commercial microwaves, can also help in making an informed decision.

Q: Are compact industrial microwave ovens available for small kitchens or limited space applications?

A: Yes, compact industrial microwave ovens are available for smaller kitchens or locations with limited space. These compact models still offer the power and durability needed for commercial applications but in a smaller footprint. Brands like Amana and other global leaders in microwave technology often provide a range of sizes in their product line to cater to different space requirements, ensuring that even small kitchens can benefit from the efficiency and capability of industrial microwave ovens.

Q: What kind of maintenance and upkeep is required for heavy duty microwave ovens used in restaurant or industrial settings?

A: Heavy duty microwave ovens require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and optimal performance. This includes routine cleaning of the interior and exterior to prevent food buildup and grease, which can affect efficiency and safety. Additionally, it’s important to regularly check and maintain the door seal and hinges for proper closure to prevent microwave leakage. For more complex maintenance, such as servicing drying systems or convection components, it’s recommended to consult with professionals or the equipment manufacturers like Amana or Mega Industries, who offer specific guidance and services for their systems.

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