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Loyal aims to deliver value to customers with 18 years of experience in the food machine industry, offering solutions from raw material processing to product packaging. With a global presence in 50+ countries, Loyal prioritizes quality control, technology innovation, and excellent customer service. Specializing in food extruders, industrial microwave systems, and more.

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Snack Food Extruder Machine

Leading Supplier of Snack Food Extruder Machine in China

As the leading supplier of snack food extruder machines in China, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch technology and innovation to our clients. With years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals, we have become a trusted name in the food processing industry. If you’re in the market for a snack food extruder machine in China, we invite you to discover the difference that we can make for you.

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    Introducing Snack Food Extruder Machine from Loyal

    It introduces the Snack Food Extruder Machine from Loyal, a cutting-edge piece of equipment revolutionizing snack food production.

  • Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, the machine is built to last with robust construction and precision engineering.
  • It features a user-friendly control panel allowing adjustment of speed, temperature, and pressure settings for optimal performance.
  • Interchangeable molds and dies provide versatility in producing various snack shapes and sizes to customize production.
  • It is a valuable addition for food businesses seeking to advance snack production and meet customer demands while staying competitive.
Snack Food Extruder Machine
Snack Food Extruder Machine

Snack Food Extruder Machine for sale

Loyal is offering a high-quality Snack Food Extruder Machine for sale. The snack food extruder machine features a simple screw extrusion system to create grain-based snacks like corn and rice. As a low-cost, low-risk venture, this machine serves as an entrepreneurial opportunity with quick results. Contact us today for more information.

Stainless Steel 3D Cereal Pellets Snack Production Line
Shandong, China
The Loyal Stainless Steel 3D Cereal Pellets Snack Production Line boasts several 3D snack pellets project technology patents, offering detailed formula and process documents to streamline costs and drive progress in the extruded snack pellets manufacturing sector.
Snack Pellet Manufacturing Plant
Snack Pellet Beverage Factory
3D Snack Pellets
Stainless Steel Puffed Food Extruder Machine Double Screw Extruder For Puff Snacks
Shandong, China
The puff snacks production line features a well-thought-out design for easy operation. It offers flexibility based on output and investment requirements, with options for both fully automatic and semi-automatic continuous production lines. The equipment boasts a simple linear structure, facilitating easy installation and maintenance.
Feeding System
Extrusion System
Cutting System
Heating System
Automatic Twin Screw Extruder Machine Production Line snack extruder machine corn puff extruder machine
Shandong, China
This line completes mixing, extruding, cutting, spraying, and production in a single automated operation. It boasts diverse features, flexible configurations, a wide range of applicable materials, various products, and user-friendly operation.
Raw materials: corn, rice, wheat, oats, barley powder, etc.
Basic Recipe: Grist powder, sugar, coco, cheese, water.
Final products: A variety of shapes are available for ball, tube, stick, ring, fruit loop, star, wheel, and flower
CE ISO 100-400kg/h Dough Forming Single Screw Extruder Machine Green Food Equipment
Shandong, China
With 15 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in manufacturing Single Screw Extruder Machines. Our machines are expertly designed, enabling the production of pellet snacks, 2D and 3D pellets, and special dietary pasta from raw materials like corn, potato grains, and more.
Output ranging from 80kg/h to 400 kg/h of dried pellets.
Each machine can adjust the temperature
Utilizing cutting-edge technology such as computer touch screens, PLC control, variable frequency speed control, and automatic deviation
A power seeping protector is equipped
Automatic Twin Screw Extruder Machine Production Line
Shandong, China
Loyal specialize in a variety of Automatic Twin Screw Extruder Machine Production Line for engineering projects, offering competitive prices and high quality. With 20+ years of experience, our expertise lies in designing and manufacturing top-notch Twin Screw Extruder Machines. These machines can process raw materials like corn and potato grains to create products such as Bread Crumbs, corn puffs, Corn Snacks, and Puffed Rice.
Fully automatic
High efficiency, hygiene, safety
Delicate taste, usage widely
The snack food extruder machine stands at the core of modern snack production, embodying a marvel of food engineering technology. Its efficiency and speed enable large-scale production, ensuring that consumer demands for diverse and delicious snacks are met with consistent quality and taste.

Snack Food Types

Rice Crust
Rice Crust
Corn Puff
Corn Puff

Technical parameters of Snack Food Extruder Machine

Industries ApplicableManufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Restaurant, Retail, Food Shop, Food & Beverage Shops
Showroom LocationNone
Video Outgoing-InspectionProvided
Machinery Test ReportProvided
Marketing TypeHot Product
Warranty of Core Components1 Year
Core ComponentsPLC, Engine, Gearbox, Motor, Gear, Pump
Place of OriginShandong, China
Weight4500 KG
Warranty1 Year
Key Selling PointsLong Service Life
Brand NameLOYAL
Voltage220/380/415 and customization
ApplicationCorn puff
KeywordsCorn Snack Extruder
UsePuff making
MOQ1 Set
Production Capacity120kg-500kg/h
Material304 Stainless Steel
Packaging DetailsFilm-wrapped and containerized (marine compliant)
PortQingdao, China
Supply Ability10 Set/Sets per Month

Different Models of Snack Manufacturing Machine

ModelInstalled PowerPower ConsumptionOutputSize (L*W*H)

Welcome to Our Snack Food Extruder Machine Factory!

Loyal factory -2
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    Why Choose Loyal's Snack Food Extruder Machine?

    Always consult with the manufacturer or a qualified professional to ensure the machine is right for your business.

Multifunctionality: Loyal’s food extruder machine is designed to produce a wide range of Snack Food, making it a versatile addition to the manufacturing plant.
Advanced Technology: The machine features microcomputer control for accurate weighing, which ensures consistency in product quality.
High Quality Products: The snack extruder is recognized for its ability to produce a wide variety of high-quality snacks.
Expertise and Specialization: Loyal specializes in manufacturing snack food extruder machines, suggesting a high level of expertise and focus on this specific type of equipment.

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Requesting a Quote for Snack Food Extruder Machine

1. Kindly specify the product you require.

2. For tailored services, please share your specific requirements.

3. Complete the inquiry form below with all pertinent details. Expect a response from our technical team within 24 hours!

4. Reach out to our pre-sales engineers for debugging videos and technical assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Snack Food Extruder Machine

Q: What is a snack food extruder machine?

A snack food extruder machine is a type of food processing machinery used to create a variety of snack foods, such as puff corn, corn flakes, and chips. It utilizes high temperature and pressure to shape and cook the food material, often through a screw-driven process within the machine, to produce puffed food products and corn puff snacks.

Q: How does a double screw extrusion machine differ from a single screw machine?

A: A double screw extrusion machine, commonly used in snack food processing, features two intermeshing screws that provide more uniform mixing and cooking of the snack mixture. This results in a more consistent texture and quality in products like puff snack food and breakfast cereal. In contrast, a single screw machine offers more straightforward processing but may not achieve the same level of homogeneity and texture in the final product.

Q: What snacks can be made with a corn puff snacks extruder?

A: With a corn puff snacks extruder, food manufacturers can produce a wide range of snacks, including puff corn, corn puff snacks, rice and corn puffs, and other puffed food items. The flexibility of these machines also allows for the production of core-filled snacks, providing a variety of tastes and textures for consumers.

Q: Can a snack food extruder machine be used to make both fried and non-fried snacks?

A: A snack food extruder machine can be adapted to make fried and non-fried snacks. The production process and equipment adjustments, such as including a frying system or adapting the extrusion cooking process, will determine the type of snack produced. This versatility makes creating a wide range of snack foods possible, from fried snack chips to healthier, air-puffed products.

Q: What are the benefits of using a corn snack food extruder machine for food processing?

A: Using a corn snack food extruder machine for food processing offers several benefits, including high efficiency, versatility in product types, and consistency in product quality. These machines are capable of high-volume production, making them ideal for commercial snack food production. Additionally, their ability to produce diverse shapes, textures, and flavors supports innovation in snack food offerings.

Q: Are any customizable features available for puff snack food extruder-making machines?

A: Yes, many puff snack food extruder-making machines come with customizable features, such as adjustable dies for different shapes and sizes of snacks, variable speed controls for the screws, and options for other ingredient feed systems. These features allow snack food manufacturers to tailor their production lines to meet specific product requirements and market demands.

Q: How does the puffed food extruder contribute to the taste and texture of snack products?

A: The puffed food extruder plays a critical role in defining the taste and texture of snack products. The extrusion process applies heat and pressure, cooking the snack dough rapidly and expanding it through the extrusion die. This creates the airy, crunchy texture characteristic of puffed snacks. Additionally, the cooking process within the extruder helps develop the flavor, making these snacks appealing to consumers.

Q: What safety considerations are essential when operating snack food processing machinery?

A: When operating snack food processing machinery, safety considerations include ensuring machinery guards are in place to protect operators from moving parts, proper training for all operators, following cleaning and maintenance procedures to prevent food contamination, and adhering to all operational guidelines to avoid accidents. Regular inspections and following the manufacturer’s safety protocols are also crucial to ensure a safe working environment.

Q: How can companies ensure the best price and quality when purchasing snack food machinery?

A: Companies can ensure the best price and quality when purchasing snack food machinery by conducting thorough market research, comparing specifications and prices from different manufacturers, checking for after-sales services and warranty periods, and considering the machinery’s technology and efficiency. Additionally, purchasing from reputable manufacturers known for grace food processing and high-quality snack food machinery can lead to long-term benefits in product quality and operational efficiency.

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