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Loyal aims to deliver value to customers with 18 years of experience in the food machine industry, offering solutions from raw material processing to product packaging. With a global presence in 50+ countries, Loyal prioritizes quality control, technology innovation, and excellent customer service. Specializing in food extruders, industrial microwave systems, and more.

Food manufacturing process blog written by a dedicated and passionate writer who delves deep into the intricacies of the industry, sharing insights, trends, and valuable information for readers interested in the field.

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Contact Loyal for top-quality Biscuit Production Line and Microwave Drying Machine solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Enhance your production efficiency and quality with our innovative equipment. Reach out today to learn more and request a Free Sample!

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Microwave Drying Machine

Leading Supplier of Microwave Drying Equipment in China

Loyal Technology is the top-tier supplier of state-of-the-art microwave drying machines in China. We focus on delivering high-quality equipment for drying various materials efficiently. You can always trust us to meet your exact specifications and requirements regarding microwave drying!

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    Introducing Microwave Drying Machine from Loyal

    Loyal's Microwave Drying Machine uses advanced technology to quickly dry materials using microwaves.

  • By using microwave technology, the drying machine is able to swiftly dry things by turning moisture into heat.
  • A built-in fan expels any dampness from inside, making it possible to achieve precise and fast results.
  • Reliable magnetrons are used in commercial oven components. Powerful performance that won’t let you down.
  • Using state-of-the-art microwave and ventilation technology allows for precision drying based on different needs.
Microwave Drying Machine
Microwave Drying Machine

Microwave Drying Equipment for sale

Microwave Drying Equipment FOR SALE - Trusty and Effective solution for drying multiple materials rapidly. Check out our absurdly innovative microwave drying equipment set to meet your unique needs. Our technology is honestly mind-boggling when it comes to enhancing productivity.
Seafood Microwave Dryer
Shandong, China
Introducing the Loyal/Seafood Microwave Dryer, the answer to all your seafood drying needs. Equipped with high-tech innovation that keeps flavor and texture intact, this device reaches top-tier quality that will blow you away. Say goodbye to the old way of doing things and make production a walk in the park with this must-have appliance.
Seafood Defrosting
Shrimp Defrosting
Crab defrosting
Thawing Chicken
Beef defrosting
Herbs Microwave Dryer
Shandong, China
Introducing The Loyal Microwave Herbs Dryer: A highly advanced unit for microwave drying of herbs, leaves and tea. Ideal for mass production and quick drying yet ensuring the quality is maintained. Compact, long lasting and dependable. Just right for commercial herb processing demands. Please contact us for more information!
Dried herbs
Dried leaves
Dried teas
Dry Flower
Dry Curcuma
Spice Microwave Dryer
Shandong, China
The Spice Microwave Dryer, which is both reliable and efficient, is a cutting-edge device for desiccating and sterilizing meals. Having advanced heating technology for quick results with minimal loss of nutrients, it caters to diverse types of foods. Among the benefits that this drier brings to commercial use are safety features, adjustable settings and consistent outcomes during food processing activities.
Curing Dryer
Sterilizing Dryer
Food grains Dryer
Nuts Dryer
Spice powders Dryer
Microwave Drying Sterilization Equipment
Shandong, China
Introducing Loyal/Microwave Sterilization: a state-of-the-art microwave system that safely and effectively rids harmful organisms. A godsend for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. Its sleek design is equipped with adjustable settings, so you’ll never have to worry about compromising quality for time when it comes to drying. Trust in the power of microwaves for your sterilization needs.
Sterilised Turmeric Powder
Sterilisation of seasonings
Meal replacement powder sterilisation
Chilli powder sterilisation
Black tea powder sterilisation
Large Microwave Vacuum Drying Ovens
Shandong, China
The Loyal/Large Microwave Vacuum Drying Ovens are not your average kitchen microwave. They’re industrial machines that harness the power of microwaves to dry different materials in a fraction of the time. With these ovens, you can have precise temperature control and consistent drying results. This is why they're known for being the best choice for industrial use.
Dried yellow mealworm
Drying of black gadfly
Cat Litter Drying
Pet food drying
Mosquito Coil Drying
Larva Microwave Dryer
Shandong, China
Introducing the Loyal/Larva Microwave Dryer: a state-of-the-art insect larva drying machine. With its cutting-edge features, this device provides efficient drying for farming insects, preserving their nutritional value and ensuring animal safety. It also boasts adjustable settings and a sturdy build that makes it a must-have for improved efficiency in drying these little critters. Upgrade your process with this advanced technology today!
Dried yellow mealworm
Drying of black gadfly
Cereal Microwave Dryer
Shandong, China
Enhance your cereal drying with Loyal/Cereal Microwave Dryer! By utilizing microwaves in the process, it quickly and evenly dries cereals, saving nutrients through precise temperature control. Saving both space and energy, isn’t it about time you upgraded? #cerealdrying #microwavedryer
Drying of jujube
Beans drying
Vegetable Microwave Dryer
Shandong, China
Using advanced technology, the Loyal/Vegetable & fruit Microwave Dryer quickly dries fruits and vegetables while maintaining their nutritional integrity. Customizable settings and safety features make it ideal for commercial kitchens, food processing plants, and homes alike. With this efficient and modern drying solution on your side, you’ll save time and energy without compromising great taste and quality.
Vegetable Dehydration
Fruit Dehydration
Retention of nutritional value
Chemical Microwave Drying Equipment
Shandong, China
Say hello to our revolutionary Chemical Microwave Drying Equipment! This baby can dry chemicals in a flash. We’re talking 50% faster than any other product out there. It’s got your back for powders, pellets, and liquids too. And don’t worry about damaging your goods, we’ve tested this thing to death and the only thing it kills is moisture. If you run a chemical processing facility and need an upgrade, this right here is ideal for you!
Does not affect product integrity
Does not cause chemical changes
Expanded Microwave Drying Equipment
Shandong, China
Unveil our most innovative Loyal/Expanded Microwave Drying Equipment! Dry a wide array of materials with accuracy and quickness. Perfect for businesses, it offers unmatched quality and adaptability. Depend on our brand for world-class machinery to upgrade your manufacturing processes now!
Pork Skin Puffing
Shrimp skin puffed

Industrial Processes for Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment

Technical parameters of Microwave Drying Equipment

Drying MaterialsLoss on Drying and Moisture ContentDrying Time Required (per ton)Required Drying Equipment
Peanut10%-50%30-60 min30KW Stainless steel Industrial grain peanut tunnel Microwave Drying Curing Equipment
Pine Nuts10%-60%30-60 minTunnel Microwave Baking and Sterilizing Equipment Pine Nuts Hazelnuts Pistachios Drying Machine
Badam Almonds10%-50%20-45 minTunnel Microwave Badam Almonds Macadamia Chia Sesame Curing Sterilizing Dryer
Grain Millet Mung Beans Buckwheat Red Beans20%-55%30-60 minMicrowave Drying Sterilizing Curing Machine for Grain Millet Mung Beans Buckwheat Red Beans
Walnut And Cashew33%-60%20-45 minDrying And Sterilization Machine Microwave Dryer For Dehydrating Walnut And Cashew
Chestnut10%-50%30-60 minChestnut Lotus Seeds Raisins Microwave Bake Puffing Equipment
Grains10%-60%20-45 minMicrowave Dryer Grains Dryer Microwave Drying Machine for Soybean Flour Barley Oatmeal
Herbs Leaves Tea10%-50%30-60 minIndustrial conveyor belt type microwave dryer microwave drying machine for herbs leaves tea
Orange Juice Sterilizing20%-55%30-60 min20 KW Industrial PLC Control Microwave Orange Juice Powder Fruits Juice Power Drying and Sterilizing Machine
Cocoa Powder33%-60%20-45 min30 KW Tunnel Industrial Microwave Cocoa Powder Drying and Sterilizing Machine
Rice Power10%-50%30-60 minIndustrial Tunnel Automatic Microwave Rice Power Grain Power Drying and Sterilizing Machine
Thyme Spice20%-55%20-45 minThyme Spice Microwave Dryer Machine
Red Chilli Powder33%-60%30-60 minRed Chilli Chilli Powder Drying Machine
Melon Seeds10%-50%20-45 minMelon Seeds Tunnel Microwave Drying Machine
Mango10%-60%30-60 minMango Fruit Microwave Sterilization Machine
Chamomile Tea10%-50%20-45 min40 KW PLC Control Microwave Chamomile Tea Drying Sterilization Machine
Ginger Powder33%-60%30-60 minTunnel Microwave Ginger Powder Drying Sterilizing Machine
Cumin Powder10%-50%20-45 minStainless Steel Microwave Cumin Powder Drying Sterilizing Machine
Grains Okara Mung Bean10%-60%30-60 minIndustrial Microwave Grains Okara Mung Bean Dehydrated Drying Machine
Apple Chips10%-50%30-60 minMicrowave Apple chips Baking Drying Machine
Chili Powder20%-55%20-45 minTunnel Microwave Chili Powder Drying Sterilizing Machine
Fruit Wine33%-60%30-60 minMicrowave Fruit Wine Sterilizing Machine
Grape Wine Sterilizing10%-50%20-45 minTunnel Microwave Grape Wine Sterilizing Machine
Indian Curry Paste Sauce20%-55%30-60 minIndustrial Microwave Indian Curry Paste Sauce Sterilizing Oven Machine
Seeds33%-60%20-45 minChia Seeds Microwave Dryer
Indian Black Tea10%-50%30-60 minHigh efficient automatic industrial microwave Indian black tea dryer
Turmeric10%-60%30-60 minMicrowave Turmeric Dryer
Apple Cider Vinegar33%-60%20-45 minApple Cider Vinegar Microwave Sterilizing Machine
Turnkey Berries Drying10%-50%30-60 minTurnkey Berries Drying Tunnel Microwave Oven
Beef Jerky10%-60%20-45 min20KW Belt Type Beef Jerky Microwave Drying Sterilization Machine
Pistachio10%-50%30-60 minPistachio Industrial Microwave Sterilization Machine
Fish Skin20%-55%20-45 minContinuous Tunnel Microwave Dryer Fish Skin Drying Machine
Prawn33%-60%30-60 minPrawn Tunnel Microwave Drying Machine
Rice Bran10%-50%30-60 minMicrowave Rice Bran Drying And Sterilization Equipment
Grasshopper Locust20%-50%30-60 minIndustrial Microwave Grasshopper Locust Edible Insects Drying and Dehydration Machine
Earthworm25%-40%30-60 minMicrowave Insect Earthworm Tunnel Dehydrator Drying Machine Dryer
Black Soldier Fly20%-50%30-60 minBlack Soldier Fly Drying Machine
Mealworm25%-40%30-60 minIndustrial Continuous Belt Microwave Dehydrator Mealworm Drying Machine
Industrial drying has a new face with the emergence of microwave drying machines. These contraptions are loaded with efficiency and have revolutionized the process, providing precise moisture control and uniform heating. Proudly, this article takes you through all that technology and benefits associated with it, showing how product quality has improved significantly thanks to their use. Additionally, it delves into some of its applications, touching on sustainable practices.
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    Why choose Loyal's Microwave Drying Machine?

    Loyal's microwave drying machine has a fast drying speed, reducing drying time for various products.

• It is perfect for high efficiency and can handle large quantities of product without performance reduction.

• Unique in comparison to standard methods, microwave drying preserves natural colors, flavors, and nutritional benefits. This leads to products with a higher quality.

• Microwave dryers are energy-efficient and eco-friendly compared to traditional methods.

• We require less supporting facilities than the competition and we can easily run continuously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Microwave Drying Machine

Q: What are the advantages of using a vacuum drying machine over traditional drying methods?

A: Vacuum drying ain’t just any old drying method. It’s got the juice to dry things faster than all those other machines. Think about it, less pressure means more evaporation in a shorter amount of time. Seems like a no brainer to me. But that’s not all folks. Bet you didn’t know that this method is also better at keeping heat-sensitive materials safe from harm because it works at lower temps. Your goods won’t feel cooked by the end, and I’m sure everyone can appreciate that. And who could forget about the quality? This wonder machine also minimizes oxidation so your stuff will be as good as new when it comes out of there. Say goodbye to withered goods forever. Oh, and let’s not forget their efficiency and ability to make everything uniformly crispy (or whatever you may be drying). Perfect for the big leagues if you ask me!

Q: Can microwave drying techniques be used for fruit drying, and how do they compare to conventional fruit dryers?

A: Absolutely! Microwaves are perfect for drying fruit. They’re fast, they’re even, and they’re way less time-consuming than using hot air dryers. Instead of cooking the outside of the fruit like other methods do, microwaving heats up the moisture inside it. This evaporates water more quickly, so you lose less color and nutrients.

Q: What is the role of IMS (Industrial Microwave Systems) in enhancing the drying process?

A: IMS is important. They make the drying process way better by offering a microwave system that works perfectly with their high tech oven. By using PLC control, you can adjust different things like microwave power, temperature and speed. This way, it’ll make your life easier by optimizing drying conditions for whatever you’re working with whether it’s food, chemicals or pharmaceuticals. IMS also gets rid of low automation so you can customize your experience and help boost efficiency and quality all around.

Q: How does a heat pump dryer machine work, and what makes it unique?

A: A heat pump dryer is a machine that looks like it should be cooling instead of heating. It uses a refrigerant system to absorb and release heat within a closed loop, effectively recycling heat throughout the drying process. This method is unique because it operates at significantly lower temperatures than traditional drying methods, making it ideal for sensitive materials. Normal dryers are set to blow really hot air (that’s why you can burn yourself on them), but heat pump dryers use their special system to keep things cooler while still drying just as fast. It also has the benefit of being more energy-efficient, reusing what would have been wasted heat, offering precise control over drying conditions, which can lead to superior product quality and lower operational costs.

Q: What are the safety concerns associated with industrial microwave drying, and how are they addressed?

A: The main hazards of microwave drying in industrial settings are microwave leakage and materials overheating. Leakage is contained with a steel unit, interlocked door and monitoring systems. Thermal sensors and PLC control systems prevent overheating, maintaining safety and quality for the products’ dried-out state.

Q: Can freeze dryers be used for drying techniques beyond food preservation, such as in pharmaceutical applications?

A: Yea, they are. More than just keeping food safe to eat, freeze dryers have always been making its rounds in the pharmaceutical world. This lyophilization process works wonders when it comes to saving heat-sensitive biological materials (like vaccines and antibiotics). It gets rid of moisture in low temps and vacuums so that these goods stay stable and compatible with life. Plus, it gives them a longer time before their expiration date!

Q: What developments in vacuum drying technology contribute to its wide application in various industries?

Advanced vacuum systems, heat source integration (e.g., microwave or infrared), and stainless steel chambers all play a role in what makes vacuum drying so versatile. Industries across the board find it useful. But that’s not all; PLC control systems are also integrated into this technology for precise drying parameter adjustments. Real-time monitoring is included as well to put automation at its peak and guarantee optimal drying outcomes for a variety of materials like food, botanicals, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Q: How does the planar microwave technique improve the drying process?

A: The planar microwave method is designed to improve how drying works, all by providing an electromagnetic field that’s uniform over a wide area. So the material being dried can absorb the microwaved energy evenly. This helps take care of hot spots, and uneven drying— which are usually found in conventional microwave drying systems. The ever distribution of microwaved heat also makes for quicker processing time, and improved dried product quality. Thus making it a great addition to advanced microwave drying systems.

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