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Loyal aims to deliver value to customers with 18 years of experience in the food machine industry, offering solutions from raw material processing to product packaging. With a global presence in 50+ countries, Loyal prioritizes quality control, technology innovation, and excellent customer service. Specializing in food extruders, industrial microwave systems, and more.

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Cereal Bar Production Line

Leading Supplier of Cereal Bar Line in China

Loyal is a top provider of bar production lines in China. It’s one thing to have the right tools, but it’s another to know how to use them too. Not only are our products efficient and versatile, but they also offer high-quality solutions for cereal bar production. With our technology, your business will have no problem finding its own commercial scale that works for you. We’re an excellent choice for businesses in china wanting to produce cereal bars fast and efficiently.

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    Introducing Cereal Bar Production Line from Loyal

    Loyal introduces the Cereal Bar Production Line for healthy snacks.

• Consistently supreme results brought to you by a system that is fully automated.

• Modules in the system allow for a mixer, conveyor belt, shaping machine, cutting machine, and packaging machine.

• The high-speed agitator found in the mixer allows for maximum mixing; the mixture is then transported to the shaping machine by the conveyor belt.

• With the help of a cutting machine, bars are cut to your preferred size; packaging them is as simple as using packaging machines to wrap them in freshness.

• Your preferences are acknowledged. Feel free to create various shapes and sizes such as granola, energy milk and protein bars.

• Customizable—The system can be altered to provide for specific production requirements if need be.

• It’s all about hygiene and safety with this product. Easy-to-clean materials and safety features are put into place to ensure your safety at all times.

Introducing Cereal Bar Production Line from Loyal

Cereal Bar Production Line for sale

Upgrade Your Cereal Bar Production Line Today! This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to increase efficiency and quality in your production process. With cutting-edge technology and expert engineering, our production line is the perfect investment for your business. Contact us today to learn more about this opportunity to enhance your cereal bar manufacturing capabilities.

Automatic Small Protein Bar Machine
Shandong, China
Welcome the Loyal/Automatic Small Protein Bar Machine! This compact appliance helps you make protein bars in small batches. It streamlines most of the process that would take hours to do by hand, and does it all with high-end technology. All of your measurements will be precise and results consistent every time. If you’re a small business entering the nutritious protein bar market, this is exactly what you need.
Manufacturing Plant
Food & Beverage Factory
Food Shop
Nutrition Bar (14)
Shandong, China
The Committed/Bitsy Snack Bar Production Line: The Little Snack Bar Production Line is created for small businesses to expand their snack bar sectors. It has technology and features that can produce energy bars, granola bars, protein bars, and so much more in an instant. It is flexible and accommodates different ingredients for whatever recipe you need. Ideal for food industry businesses.
Moon cake
Regular solid goods
Nutrition Bar (15)
Shandong, China
The Unswerving/Vim Bar Assembly Line: The Vim Bar Assembly Line is a highly efficient and automated arrangement aimed at making energy bars. In the food industry, this forward-thinking product targets manufacturing plants and businesses that are seeking to streamline their production processes.
Cereal Bar
Granola Bar
Peanut Candy Bar
Puffed Rice Bar
Nutrition Bar (17)
Shandong, China
Discover Loyal/Microwave Sterilization:The Protein Bar Production Line is a versatile and efficient solution for producing delicious and nutritious protein bars at scale. This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to streamline the production process, from mixing ingredients to molding and packaging the final product.
Peanut nougat
Peanut rice cake
Rice candy
Sesame bar
Frozen rice candy
Nutrition Bar 3
Shandong, China
The Loyal/Granola Bar Production Line: Granola Bars. Its a tough world, and our state-of-the-art machine will make it faster and easier to build these hardy snacks. The user-friendly interface is simple and the durable construction is clean. This machine should be a staple for any business trying to make their snack production process more efficient.
Cereal Bar
Granola Bar
Peanut Candy Bar
Puffed Rice Bar

Industrial Processes for Granola Bar Production Line

A cereal bar assembly line is a set of machines that work together. They are built to bring together and package cereal bars. This line makes the whole process, from when the raw materials get prepared all the way to the final packaging stage way quicker! It also ensures that everything is consistent and top-notch.

Technical parameters of Cereal Bar Production Line

Cereal Bar Making MachineEnergy Bar Machine Parameter
Film WidthMax 240mm
Bag Length65-200 Or 85-240 Or110-320 Or 140-400mm
Bag Width30-110mm
Product HeightMax.35 Or Max.55mm
Film Roll DiameterMax:380mm
Packing Rate50-300bag/Min
Power220v50/60hz 2.6w, Or Customer Choice
Machine Size(L)3600*(W)670*(H)1470mm
Machine QualityAbout 400kg
Remark(Optional Air Filling Equipment)
Film MaterialOpp, Pe, Pvc, Opp/Cpp, Pt/Pe,Kop/Cppaluminized

Cereal Bar Production Line Components

EquipmentTechnical Parameters
Sugar Boiled PotCapacity: 100l/Pot Power: 12kw Mixer Power: 1.5kw Size: 135011001700mm
Mixing MachineVoltage: 380v/50hz Power: 1.1kw Heating: 3kw Capacity: 60l Size: 6106701000mm Capacity: 10kg/Once Weight: 118kg
Cereals Bar Cutting Machine With Cooling ConveyorDimensions: 450014001200mm Host: 450014001250mm Conveyor Size: 3000820900mm Weight: 1500kg
Packing MachineryMaximum Packaging Capacity: 35-220 Bags/Min Bag Length Error: ≤±3mm Qualified Rate Of Bagging: ≥99% Packaging Film Width: 80-240 Mm Bag Size: Length 60-160 Mm, Width 35-115 Mm, Height Within 35mm Total Power: 2.7kw Main Motor Power: 0.6kw Heating Power: 2.1kw Machine Noise ≤ 65 Decibels Machine Net Weight: 450kg Dimensions: (Length × Width × Height) 4000 × 920 × 1600 (Mm) Power Supply Type: Ac220v±5%; 50hz/60hz Packaging Film Materials: Opp, Pe, Pvc, Opp/Cpp, Pt/Pe, Kop/Cpp, Aluminum Film, Etc.
For the production of cereal bars, it is a very complex process that involves having to go through these steps: Getting top-quality grains, cleaning them properly, roasting them in the right way, and mixing them with binding agents. After all of that part you have to mold it into the bar shape and cool it down. Lastly, you can add an optional finishing touch by adding flavor coatings for added texture or taste. This whole process requires a lot of precision from start to finish.
Loyal factory -2
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    Why Choose Loyal's Cereal Bar Production Line?

• Loyal’s production line for cereal bars is a machine of many steps, and all of those steps are automatic. They did it that way in an attempt to have as many standards realized as possible.

• The options available can be tailored to meet the specific requirements food processing plants need, thus making them more productive.

• The high production capacity on Loyal’s production line is possible because of advanced technology and design. So they’ll be able to keep up with whatever their customers demand from them.

• 304 stainless steel is what makes this machine built to last. It will never wear or rust.

• For further questions or concerns regarding their product(s), Loyal has a customer assistance team available 24/7. They’ll help out with anything!

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Requesting a Quote for Cereal Bar Line

1. What kind of thing are you looking for?

2. If you’re in the mood to get really picky about it, give us a list of all the features you want.

3. We need information, people! Tell us what you want and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

4. Hit up our engineers if you need videos or support—they’ll be happy to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Cereal Bar Production Line

Q: What is involved in setting up a granola bar production line?

A: There’s a lot that goes into preparing a granola bar production line. Considering factors like choosing the right cereal bar machinery and other bar making tools, figuring out how much product will need to be made, and setting up the machines to mix, form cut and package are all essential. Having a good setup of machines is key; the most important ones include cereal bar forming machines, bar extruder machines, and a granola bar cutting machine. The final touch is packaging with a lineup of cereal box packing machine options. To make sure this whole process goes smoothly it’s essential to have a complete plan that includes both technical and business aspects of cereal bars in your back pocket.

Q: How does the energy bar production line differ from the cereal granola bar line?

A: Both lines have some similarities and can use the same cereal bar machinery. But energy bars may have additional equipment to mix in specific ingredients, like caffeine or protein additives. Its texture and composition could also require different settings on the bar forming and bar extruder machines to make what they want. Energy bars might also need a chocolate coating machine more often for added flavor and energy content.

Q: What are the critical components of bar manufacturing equipment?

A: The apparatuses that are critical to bar manufacturing include bar forming machinery, which gives the shape of bars to the goo; a machine or guillotine for slicing up the formed mass into specified sizes (granola bar cutting machine); an extruder when product needs high pressure to shape properly; and a packaging line. That last one can be as simple as fancy wrappers or complete automatic cereal bar systems. Lastly, mixing and possibly cooking equipment is needed to prepare the mixture.

Q: How does the packaging line impact the overall effectiveness of cereal bar machinery?

A: Packaging lines are important. They help the final product look good, last longer, and taste better. A good packaging line will wrap everything up tightly with very little waste or downtime. Better ones come with extra features like freshness gas flushing, multi-pack options, and automated boxing. With something like a cereal bar machine, a great packaging line can really make the whole thing more productive and profitable.

Q: Can you make different types of bars using the same granola bar machinery?

A: Indeed, many granola bar machine and energy bar assembly lines are adjustable enough to make a variety of bars. You can change the recipes, bar shaping units, and sometimes add or remove specific equipment — like a chocolate coating device — to make nutrition bars, rice bars, peanut candy bars, or even chocolate bars. This adaptability is crucial for manufacturers who want to expand their product offerings without spending big money on new equipment.

Q: What is the role of the extruder machine in a complete cereal bar production line?

The extruder machine is central to the process of shaping and texturizing bar mixtures. Through high pressure, it forms them through a die that also sets the final shape. It’s necessary for producing puffed rice bars, nutrition bars, and other snack bars with specific textures. In a full cereal bar production line, this machine ensures shapes stay consistent and makes subsequent cutting and packaging easier when density stays constant too.

Q: How important is automation in cereal bar production?

A: Automation is increasingly essential in cereal bar production to enhance efficiency, consistency, and scalability. Complete automatic cereal bar production lines minimize manual labor, reduce the risk of human error, and increase production speed. Automation can cover every process step, from mixing ingredients and forming bars to cutting, coating, and packaging. Investing in automated bar manufacturing equipment is essential for businesses looking to scale up their operations and maintain high-quality standards.

Q: What are the key considerations when selecting a cereal bar-forming machine?

A: When selecting a cereal bar forming machine, consider the machine’s capacity, compatibility with different bar compositions and ingredients, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and adaptability to produce various bar sizes and shapes. It’s also crucial to consider the level of automation and integration capabilities with other equipment in the production line, such as bar extruders and packaging systems. Choosing the right cereal bar forming machine can significantly impact production efficiency and product quality.

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