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Loyal aims to deliver value to customers with 18 years of experience in the food machine industry, offering solutions from raw material processing to product packaging. With a global presence in 50+ countries, Loyal prioritizes quality control, technology innovation, and excellent customer service. Specializing in food extruders, industrial microwave systems, and more.

Food manufacturing process blog written by a dedicated and passionate writer who delves deep into the intricacies of the industry, sharing insights, trends, and valuable information for readers interested in the field.

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Potato Chip Production Line

Top Supplier of Potato Chip Production Lines in China

Top supplier of Potato Chip Production Lines in China, committed to quality & reliability. Dedicated to innovation & customer satisfaction, we’re your trusted partner for all potato chip production needs.

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    Introducing Potato Chip Production Line from Loyal

  • The production line offers a fully automated process for creating potato chips and french fries
  • Key steps include washing, peeling, slicing, dewatering, frying, seasoning, and packaging
  • Customers can choose various flavor options to suit different tastes and occasions
  • Loyal also provides formula guidance and technological support for optimal results
  • A reliable and efficient system can help businesses improve operations and performance
Potato Chip Production Line
Potato Chip Production Line

Potato Chip Production Line for sale

Potato Chip Production Line available for sale! Boost your snack production with this efficient and reliable equipment. Perfect for expanding your food manufacturing business. Contact us for more information.

Automatic Potato Chips Continuous Frying Machine
Shandong, China
Professional manufacturer of automatic potato chips frying machines. Offers small, medium, and large industrial fryers for sale with good quality and design. Reasonable prices, reliable quality, and full customer service. Ideal for food manufacturers. Specializes in cost accounting, design, recipes, installation, and debugging. Perfect for frying various foods like french fries, onion rings, and peanuts.
eating system Electric heating pipe, gas, diesel.
At the bottom of oil tank, consists of several scrappers.
Small Scale Potato Chips Manufacturing Plant
Shandong, China
Loyal manufactures professional automatic potato chips production lines, offering efficient machines for making delicious potato chips and fries from fresh potatoes. Our small-scale manufacturing plants are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and easy to use, making them ideal for small to medium factories. With high-quality engineering and competitive prices, Loyal's fully automatic machines have been exported to over 116 countries worldwide.
Weight850 KG
Machinery FunctionProduce potato chips
Semi Automatic Potato Chips Making Line
Shandong, China
Our semi-automatic potato chips production line, inspired by leading products, offers the benefits of large-scale equipment with low investment, energy efficiency, versatility, compact size, high returns, and easy maintenance. It includes washing, peeling, slicing, blanching, dehydration, frying, seasoning, and packaging. Exported to 116 countries, it can also produce French fries.
Weight2300 KG
Industrial Fully Automatic Potato Chips Making Machine
Shandong, China
Industrial fully automatic potato chips making machine for efficient production. Exported to 116 countries, including America, UK, Brazil. Process includes cleaning, peeling, slicing, frying, flavoring, packaging. Low energy consumption, high profit, convenient for medium-sized factories. Ideal for potato strips and chips production.
Weight850 KG
Explore the dynamic world of potato chip production from sourcing to packaging. Uncover key techniques and equipment for high efficiency and quality. Delve into the balance of tradition and technology in crafting this beloved snack. #PotatoChips #FoodManufacturing

Technical parameters of Fully Automatic Chips Making Machine


Automatic Chips Making Machine: Technical Specifications for Manufacturing Process

Step NumberProcessDescription
1Potato Chips Peeling Washing MachineUsed for cleaning and peeling root potato vegetables
2Potato Chips Cutting MachineCuts potato slices uniformly with adjustable thickness
3Blanching MachineDivided into two parts: blanching and cooling. Operates continuously
4Potato Chips LifterLifts the cleaned and peeled potatoes into the slicer
5Potato chips and fries machineCuts the peeled and clean potatoes into chips and fries
6Potato Chips Rinse lineCleans the cut potato chips and washes away surface starch
7Boiling lineBlanches the potato chips to fix the color and prevent oxidation
8Air-cooled dehydratorDries the blanched potato chips before frying
9Deep-fried Assembly Line of Potato Chips Fryer MachineFries the potato chips
10De-oiling LineRemoves the oil on the surface of the fried potato chips
11Potato Chips Seasoning lineSeasons the fried potato chips
12Potato Chips Packaging machinePackages the potato chips
This article delves into the detailed process of making fresh potato chips, covering everything from selecting top-notch potatoes to the intricate slicing, frying, and flavoring methods. It highlights quality control, flavor innovation, and food safety, catering to food enthusiasts and industry pros seeking a deep understanding of crafting the ideal batch of chips.
Loyal factory -2
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    Why choose Loyal's Potato Chip Production Line?

  • Technical parameters, factory layout suggestions, and formulations provided for pre-sale inquiries. Custom design and professional advice on markets, machines, materials and packing also offered. Shipment booking assistance available upon request. 24/7 online support is provided.
  • Allocation charts, operation manuals, 1-year warranty and lifetime maintenance at cost supplied for after-sale support. Free spare parts shipped with containers. Optional first installation by engineers and worker training available.
  • Free pre, during and post-sale consultation, planning, debugging and shipping management are offered. Training on equipment maintenance, operations and new techniques/formulas is also provided. One-year comprehensive warranty and lifetime maintenance is included. Overseas engineering services available.

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Requesting a Quote for Potato Chip Production Line

1. Specify the product type you need.

2. For tailored services, share your specific requirements.

3. Complete the inquiry form below with all essential details. Expect a response from our technical team within 24 hours!

4. Reach out to our pre-sales engineers for debugging videos and technical assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Potato Chip Production Line

Q: Potato Chips Production Line Price

A:The potato chips market is experiencing steady growth, with global market size reaching US$ 34.3 billion in 2023 and expected to reach US$ 43.6 billion by 2032.

• In the US, the market was valued at USD 23.89 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach a value of USD 34.08 billion, indicating a growing demand for potato chips.

• The Potato Chip Production industry in the US is moderately concentrated, with the top four companies holding between 40% and 70% of the market share, suggesting a healthy competition.

• Technological advancements may lead to both cost reduction and higher-priced equipment in the Potato Chips Manufacturing Line market.

• While it’s challenging to provide an exact estimate for the price of a production line without specific data, it’s reasonable to expect an increase due to growing demand and advancing technology.

• Economic conditions or regulatory policies could also impact manufacturing costs and equipment prices.

• Overall, trends suggest an upward movement in the price of potato chips production lines in 2024.

Q: Semi Automatic Potato Chips Making Machine Price

A: Prices of semi-automatic potato chips making machines vary significantly based on model and features

• Alibaba lists prices from $6,000 to $12,000 per set while Made-in-China’s range is $1,350 to $680,000 per piece

• Prices may also differ depending on production capacity – FryMachine offers a 50 kg/hour machine, Aliexpress has one for 150 kg/hour

• Potential buyers should carefully research and compare different models to find one that fits their budget and meets their specific needs.

Q: What are the key components of an automatic potato chips production line?

A: The key components of an automatic potato chips production line include a potato washing peeling machine, slicing machine, blanching machine, dewatering machine, chips frying machine, de-oiling machine, seasoning machine, and a packaging machine. Each part of the line is specially designed to ensure smooth operation and high-quality potato crisps.

Q: How do frozen french fries production lines differ from potato chips processing lines?

A: Frozen french fries production lines and potato chips processing lines differ mainly in their processing machinery and end products. Frozen french fries lines are designed for producing blanched, frozen fries and involve processes like pre-cooling and freezing, whereas potato chips lines focus on delivering thin, crisp, fried potato chips. Processing machinery is tailored for each product, ensuring optimal quality and efficiency in food processing.

Q: Can a small potato chips production setup be profitable?

A: Yes, a small potato chips production setup can be profitable. These setups, sometimes referred to as making businesses, require lower initial investments and can cater to niche markets or local demand. With the right market research, quality control, and efficient processing machinery, small scale potato chips production can yield significant returns.

Q: What are the benefits of utilizing a baked potato chips production line?

A: Utilizing a baked potato chips production line offers several benefits, including a healthier product due to lower oil content, reduced operating costs for oil usage and disposal, and often a faster processing time. Baked lines are specially designed to convey potatoes through heating elements efficiently, ensuring a crispy and tasty product that meets the growing demand for healthier snack options.

Q: How important is the packaging machine in the potato chips making business?

A: The packaging machine is crucial in the potato chips making business. It not only ensures that the chips are securely packed for shelf life and transport but also plays a key role in presenting the product attractively to consumers. Modern packaging machines can be adjusted for different bag sizes and types, offering flexibility and efficiency in the production line.

Q: What technological advancements have impacted the french fries production line?

A: Technological advancements have greatly impacted the french fries production line, including automation in processing machinery, improved blanching and freezing techniques, and more efficient oil management systems for frying. These innovations have led to higher throughput, consistent product quality, and reduced labor costs, proving invaluable in scaling potato chips and french fries making businesses.

Q: Why is the potato washing peeling machine a critical start to the potato chips processing line?

A: The potato washing peeling machine is critical as it thoroughly cleans and peels the potatoes, preparing them for uniform slicing and further processing. This step is essential for ensuring the quality and safety of the final product, as it removes contaminants and reduces waste by peeling efficiently.

Q: What solutions are available for potato chips production on different scales?

A: Solutions for potato chips production vary widely to accommodate different scales of operation, from small setups to large, automatic potato chips plants. Smaller enterprises might opt for semi-automatic or manual processing lines with less emphasis on automation, while large-scale operations can benefit from fully automated lines with high-capacity processing machinery, designed to deliver a high volume of product with minimal manual intervention.

Q: How does a banana chips line differ from a traditional potato chips machine?

A: A banana chips line differs from a traditional potato chips machine mainly in the processing adjustments required for the differing textures and sugar contents of bananas compared to potatoes. Banana chips lines might include specialized slicing and frying equipment to handle the softer texture and sugar content, ensuring a crisp and delicious final product.

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