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Loyal aims to deliver value to customers with 18 years of experience in the food machine industry, offering solutions from raw material processing to product packaging. With a global presence in 50+ countries, Loyal prioritizes quality control, technology innovation, and excellent customer service. Specializing in food extruders, industrial microwave systems, and more.

Food manufacturing process blog written by a dedicated and passionate writer who delves deep into the intricacies of the industry, sharing insights, trends, and valuable information for readers interested in the field.

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Puff Snacks Processing Line

Top Supplier of Puff Snacks Processing Equipment in China

We are the leading provider of top-grade Puff Snacks Processing Equipment in China. Our primary goal is to stand out from competitors and cater to your snack production needs. We are dedicated to supplying you with innovative solutions that will give you the edge over others

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    Introducing Puff Snacks Processing Line from Loyal

  • It’s a snack-producing beast. It uses corn, broom, rice, wheat, and oats to churn out all sorts of snacks like balls, tubes, sticks , rings and loops.
  • Snack flexibility is the name of the game with its mold system. You’ll produce what you need to when you need to.
  • Configurable for an extensive menu of uncoated, coated or filled products.
  • Consistence is it’s thing. It keeps quality high day in and day out.
  • It’s a baker’s dream when they’re trying to expand their snack line.
Puff Snacks Processing LineIntroduction to Puff Snack Production Lines What is a Puff Snack Production Line? Key Components of a Puff Snack Processing Line The Importance of Extrusion in Puff Snack Manufacturing Choosing the Right Machinery for Your Puff Snack Production Determining the Best Extruder Machine for Puff Snacks How to Select the Right Snack Machine for Your Production Line Must-Have Features in a Snack Processing Machine Understanding the Extrusion Process in Puff Snack Manufacturing The Role of the Extruder in Snack Production Optimizing Extrusion Parameters for Perfect Puff Snacks Different Types of Extrusion Techniques for Snack Foods The Role of Raw Materials in Puff Snack Production Choosing the Right Corn and Flavorings for Corn Puff Snacks Impact of Raw Material Quality on Puff Snack Texture and Taste Best Practices for Storing and Handling Raw Materials Innovative Trends in Puff Snack Processing Line Technology Advancements in Extrusion Technology for Snack Manufacturing The Rise of Automated Systems in Puff Snack Production Lines Integrating Quality Control with Puff Snack Machinery How to Start Your Own Puff Snack Manufacturing Business Laying Out the Initial Plan for Puff Snack Production Navigating the Challenges of Setting Up a Snack Processing Line Connecting with Suppliers and Manufacturers for Equipment and Raw Materials
Puff Snacks Processing Line

Puff Snacks Processing Line for sale

Get your hands on the Puff Snacks Processing Line today. It’s now up for sale! This top-tier equipment is crafted to produce mouth-watering puff snacks as fast as possible. Say goodbye to waiting times and say hello to efficiency.Contact us for more information.

Small Scale Puffed Corn Snack Making Machine
Shandong, China
Small, medium and large puffed corn snack machine manufacturer. Fairly priced, reliable quality, professional service. Offer full services: cost accounting, machine design, snack recipes, installation debugging and custom mold design.
Cheetos Making Machine
Shandong, China
Our Cheetos making machine is managed by a team of skilled engineers with over 10 years of experience. Several snack project technology patents offer the best and most efficient Cheetos formulas and processes to reduce costs in the production. The equipment is constructed from food-grade stainless steel and PVC materials.
100-150KG PER HOUR 12,000 USD-20,500USD
200-250KG PER HOUR 20,500 USD-30,500 USD
300-350KG PER HOUR 30,500 USD-40,500 USD
Core Filling Snack Production Line
Shandong, China
We are the supplier of professional core-filling snack production lines. Our chocolate-filled puff snack production line has a well-designed manufacturing process. The Core-Filling Snack Machine can use flour as raw materials to produce high-quality Core-Filling Snack Pellets for sale.
79kw 55kw 120-150kg/h 19200x1200x2200mm
98kw 69kw 200-250kg/h 21200x1500x2200mm
144kw 101kw 400-500kg/h 26200x3500x4300mm
295kw 222kw 800-1200kg/h 3100X3500X4300mm

Industrial Processes for Puff Snacks Processing Line

Technical parameters of Puff Snacks Processing Line

ModelInstall PowerConsumption PowerOutputDimension

Puff Snacks Processing Line Component Description

1Flour MixerMixes raw materials (corn, rice, wheat flour, grain flour, additives) with water uniformly.
2Screw ConveyorDelivers mixed raw materials to the feeding hopper of the double screw extruder. It is convenient, fast, and labor-saving.
3Double Screw ExtruderExtrudes the mixed raw materials under high-temperature and high-pressure environment. The starch structure changes into easily absorbed nutrients. The feed extruder adopts advanced frequency conversion speed regulation technology for energy saving and accurate speed control.
4Pulling & Cutting MachineCuts the puffing snack into stick shape.
5Core Filling MachinePuts the core inside the puffing snacks, with heating function.
6PVC HoisterConveys the produced feed particles to the multi-layer drying equipment.
7Multi-layers OvenDries the core filled snack to prolong the shelf life. The oven can be electric, fuel, gas, or steam. The temperature is adjustable between 0 and 150 degrees.
8Single Drum Flavoring MachineFlavors the core filled snack with oil and flavoring. Oil spraying and powder seasoning can be finished at one drum. Ensures that the material is seasoned evenly.
9Packaging MachineEither manual sealing machine or automatic packaging machine can be used for packaging.

Welcome to Our Puff Snacks Processing Line Factory!

Loyal factory -2
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    Why choose Loyal's Puff Snacks Processing Line?

    Here are key points about the company's advantages and services:


  • It offers an automatic extruder for producing expanded puffed corn snacks that is easy for customers to operate.
  • The extruder provides a high return on investment for customers due to its competitive pricing and quality.


  • For pre-sale inquiries, it provides technical parameters, facility layout suggestions, formulating guidance, and custom design services.
  • Professional advice is given regarding markets, machinery, materials, packaging for customers.
  • Upon request, it will recommend professional shipping agents or assist with booking vessel cargo space.
  • 24/7 online support is available to answer any customer questions.

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Requesting a Quote for Puff Snacks Processing Line

1. Give us the lowdown on what you’re looking for.

2. Make it personal! Let us know exactly what you need.

3. If there’s something we need to know, spill the beans in the form below. Our tech team will message you back within 24 hours!

4. Looking for videos and technical help? Our pre-sales engineers are here to help with that!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Puff Snacks Processing Line

Q: What are the key components of a puff production line?

A: A puff production line varies a little bit depending on the specifics of the snack you want to make, but it’s mostly the same. You’ll start with the mixer, then work your way through a few key machines like the screw extruder and shaping machine. After that, you’ll use either a drying or baking oven and head to flavoring and packaging.

Q: How does the screw extruder in the corn puffs snack processing line work?

A: The mechanical screw extruder used in a corn puff processing line combines, cooks and pushes the corn meal or whatever grain-based potion you’re using into shape under intense pressure and heat. After which it will slide through an opening at the end of the machine, turning your snack to life before finishing up with a dry and seasoning phase.

Q: Can the puff production line be used to make both fried and baked snack foods?

A: Yes, the assembly line for puffs can be set up to make both fried and baked snack foods. Deciding whether to fry or bake them is about what you want in the end, how healthy you’d like it to be, and your customers’ taste. So in the line, they’ll switch out ovens for fryers, or only use one that will get it right based on what you’re going for with the product.

Q: What are the advantages of using an automatic puffed food production line over manual production methods?

A: An automatic production line for puffed food can dramatically improve the overall process of making these snacks. And not just that. It also ensures consistency in every single bag, bringing you peace of mind that comes with knowing your product will be desirable every time once it hits the market. With an automated line, you’ll be able to make more products and reduce costs long-term. It doesn’t matter if your batch size is 5 or 500 kilos – each one will taste absolutely delicious.

Q: How can a business customize their snack food processing line to produce unique puff snack foods?

A: A business can add a personal touch to their snack food making process by changing the basic ingredients that go into making the snack. Changing these ingredients will change everything else about the snack as it is being made as well, and this can create a puff snack food which may be unique to your brand. Partnering with machine manufacturers and using extrusion equipment is key to making new snacks in general.

Q: What materials can be processed with a corn puff production line?

A: So here’s a fun little fact for you: the corn puff production line actually has the ability to process a variety of different grain-based materials. We’re talking corn meal, rice flour, wheat flour, and multigrain mixes. Who knew, right? With these ingredients alone, we can make a wide range of snack foods from traditional corn puffs to extruded rice snacks and so on. That’s kinda cool if you think about it!

Q: How does one ensure the longevity and efficiency of their food production line?

B: Food production lines are complex machines. They’re built to be efficient and withstand constant use, but they do need regular maintenance to keep them in top shape. Proper cleaning is also key – allowing grime and food particles to build up can lead to breakdowns that will bring your whole operation to a halt. Make sure you invest in high-quality equipment from trusted sources, and take the time to train your employees on how to operate it properly. All of these steps will help ensure your production line stays reliable for years to come.

Q: How can I find reliable machine manufacturers for puff snacks making?

A: To find reliable machine manufacturers for puff snacks making, you should research and compare different products and suppliers, read customer reviews, attend industry trade shows, and seek recommendations from industry experts. Prioritizing manufacturers with a strong track record, good after-sales service, and technical support is critical.

Q: What are the sustainability considerations in designing an instant noodle production line?

A: There are plenty of ways manufacturers can make instant noodles more sustainable. One way is to use equipment that saves energy. For instance, they can start using steamers, fryers, and dryers that consume less electricity. Another thing companies can do is implement waste reduction and recycling measures in their factories to minimize the amount of trash made during production. But they’re not stopping there either. Some manufacturers are looking into sourcing more sustainable raw materials like wheat flour to further reduce their environmental footprint.

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