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Loyal aims to deliver value to customers with 18 years of experience in the food machine industry, offering solutions from raw material processing to product packaging. With a global presence in 50+ countries, Loyal prioritizes quality control, technology innovation, and excellent customer service. Specializing in food extruders, industrial microwave systems, and more.

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Kurkure Production Line

Top Supplier of Kurkure Production Line in China

Leading supplier of Kurkure Production Line in China – celebrated for its superior quality and steadfast dedication to ensuring customer delight.

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    Introducing Kurkure Production Line from Loyal

  • It creates Kurkure snacks using a specialized extrusion process with a top-of-the-line extruder machine. Corn grits and water are evenly mixed and heated under pressure to form the iconic curled shape.
  • Moisture and texture of the Kurkure snacks can be easily controlled to ensure consistent high quality. Snacks can then be fried or baked and flavors added using a seasoning spraying feature.
  • Suitable for small businesses looking to expand snack offerings or large manufacturers seeking efficient and consistent production. Offers unmatched quality, flavor and perfection in producing the popular Kurkure snack.
Kurkure Production Line
Kurkure Production Line

Kurkure Production Line for sale

Kurkure Production Line is available for sale! Boost your snack production capacity with this efficient and high-quality Kurkure production line. Take your snack business to the next level with this top-notch equipment. Contact us now for more information!

Full Automatic Fried Cheetos Kurkure Making Machine Rotary Head Extruder Price
Shandong, China
Kurkure making machines use corn dregs as raw materials to produce puffed foods. The process involves extrusion, seasoning, frying, and flavoring to create crispy snacks loved by consumers.
LY-1-F 125-140kg/h 17000x1100x2500mm
LY-2-F 200-230kg/h 17300x1200x2600mm
LY-1-B 125-140kg/h 16000x1100x2500mm
LY-2-B 200-230kg/h 16300x1200x2600mm
85kw Installed Power Kurkure Manufacturing Machine
Shandong, China
The extruder in the kurkure manufacturing machine is crucial for production. Our company's extruder offers advanced technology and benefits, using corn grits in the process. The meal is heated and moisture reduced in the extruder, then cut into kurkure shapes. After frying and seasoning, the kurkure are ready to enjoy.
1t/h Kurkure Making Machine In Uzbekistan
800kg/h Indian Kurkur Snack Food Machine

Industrial Processes for Fully Automatic Kurkure Production Line

Discover the innovative fully automatic Kurkure production line, revolutionizing snack manufacturing with increased efficiency and top-notch quality. Learn how this cutting-edge solution helps meet industry demands cost-effectively, enhancing production capabilities and profitability. #SnackManufacturing #Innovation #Efficiency

Technical parameters of Kurkure Production Line

ModelInstalled PowerPower ConsumptionCapacityDimension
Frying Kurkure47kw35kw100~150kg/h22500×3700×3000mm
Baking Kurkure42kw32kw100~150kg/h23850×3510×3000mm

Kurkure Production Line : Technical Specifications for Manufacturing Process

Explore the world of Kurkure production: a blend of innovation and efficiency in snack manufacturing. Learn about the fully automated production line, from raw materials to packaging, offering insights into the technology behind this popular snack. Gain a deep understanding of the intricacies and advancements that drive large-scale, sustainable production. #SnackIndustry #Innovation
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    Why choose Loyal's Kurkure Production Line?

Pre-Sale Services:

  • Provides technical parameters and factory layout suggestions
  • Offers general formulations and custom design services
  • Gives professional advice on markets, machines, materials and packing
  • Suggests qualified ship agents or assists with booking shipments
  • Maintains 24/7 online support

After-Sale Services:

  • Supplies allocation charts and operation manuals upon request
  • Includes one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance at cost
  • Ships free replacement parts via container
  • Arranges first installation by engineers
  • Trains customer’s workers at their factory

Ongoing Global Support:

  • Engineers available for overseas machinery servicing
  • Provides free pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales consultation
  • Designs and debugs equipment until fully functional
  • Manages long-distance shipping of equipment
  • Personally trains maintenance and operation
  • Shares new production techniques and formulas
  • Covers equipment with 1-year warranty and lifetime maintenance

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Requesting a Quote for Fully Automatic Kurkure Production Line

1. Kindly specify the product type you need.

2. For tailored services, please share your specific requirements.

3. Complete the inquiry form below with all essential details. Expect a response from our technical team within 24 hours!

4. Reach out to our pre-sales engineers for debugging videos and technical assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about Kurkure Production Line

Q: How does the kurkure extruder machine play a role in making kurkure more efficiently?

A: The kurkure extruder machine is central to the snacks processing line, particularly in making kurkure. It uses a rotary head extruder for kurkure type snacks, which ensures uniform cooking and texture. The extruder for kurkure type snacks increases efficiency by streamlining the process, allowing for continuous production and ensuring that each piece of kurkure is crafted to meet quality standards.

Q: What is the purpose of a frying line in a fully automatic Kurkure production line?

A: The frying line is a critical component of the food processing lines, especially for snacks like kurkure. It cooks the extruded kurkure to a perfect crispiness, enhancing its flavor and texture. A pellet kurkure nicknack continuous fryer, which is often used in this process, is designed for efficiency and uniformity, ensuring all pieces are evenly fried and meet the snack’s quality attributes.

Q: How does the grit mixer feeder contribute to the snacks processing efficiency?

A: The grit mixer feeder is designed to prepare the flour for kurkure by thoroughly mixing the ingredients and ensuring they are properly moisturized in the flour mixer. This is a vital step in the process as it affects the texture and quality of the kurkure corn. By automating the mixing process, the feeder increases operational efficiency and consistency in the snack manufacturing process.

Q: Can you elaborate on the function of the slurry system in kurkure production?

A: The slurry system is used for applying a seasoning and coating solution to the kurkure, making the snack more flavorful. This system can accurately dispense and coat the kurkure with various seasonings, allowing for a wide variety of flavors. It’s an essential part of creating the snack that comes in different tastes, enhancing the consumer’s experience with each bite. The efficiency of the slurry system ensures even coating, contributing to the overall product quality and consistency.

A: Kurkure is a popular snack that has been loved for its crunchiness, flavor variety, and unique texture. The complete system, including the kurkure extruder, frying line, and slurry system, plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and appeal of kurkure. Easy to operate features and continuous production capabilities of the line increase efficiency in your snack factory, ensuring that this beloved snack meets the high standards of taste and quality that consumers expect.

Q: In what ways do fully automatic food processing lines for potato chips differ from those used for kurkure?

A: Although both potato chips and kurkure are snacks processed in food processing lines, their production requirements differ notably. Potato chips lines primarily involve slicing, washing, and frying processes, whereas kurkure production includes extrusion through a kurkure extruder machine, specific frying techniques, and flavor coating with a slurry system. The kurkure line is more focused on extrusion and flavor coating, while potato chip lines prioritize slicing precision and frying.

Q: What are the key benefits of modernizing your snacks processing factory with a fully automatic Kurkure production line?

A: Modernizing with a fully automatic Kurkure production line offers several key benefits, including increased production efficiency, consistency in snack quality, reduction in labor costs, and enhanced safety measures. The line includes advanced technology like the kurkure extruder machine and slurry system, which are easy to operate and greatly increase the throughput of snack production. Furthermore, automation minimizes human error, ensuring that every batch of kurkure remains consistent in quality and taste.

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